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ADAM IS A GIRL is an indie pop band from Berlin, fronted by singer-songwriter Anja Adam and supported by drummer Alex Pierschel and guitarist Sunil Shakya. The band was founded by Anja and Alex in 2011 and released their first album „Of Daydreams and Nightmares“ in 2013. The song „Soldier“ from their EP [s] released in 2016 was impressively staged by the video artist Rafal Drosik and caught the attention of the German electro-pop scene. That was the start for ADAM IS A GIRL's stage career.


Born in Berlin, raised in India and Berlin, Alex discovers that the world is full of rhythm and beauty and decides to become an artist. After graduating as a graphic designer, he becomes an animator at the age of 21 and turns one of his hobbies into a profession, drawing cartoons for cinema and television. But the music accompanies him every turn. Whether as an artist for the Guano Apes music video, as a musician for indie computer games or as a drummer for ADAM IS A GIRL.


Also born in Berlin Pankow and raised on the outskirts of the city is the band's singer and songwriter, Anja Adam. Whether singing, drawing or designing clothes, the wondrous world of an artist both introverted and extroverted has always captivated an audience. Currently she is releasing her first own art online store, where she sells only unique handmade pieces.



In October 2017, guitarist Sunil Shakya joined the band. On his Youtube channel (Nepali Guitar Tutorial) the Nepalese-born and Berlin-based guitarist shows specially produced cover songs, tutorials and vlogs about guitars and live music. He pursues his destiny and his talent - unconditionally. He enriches the sound of Adam is a Girl, convincing even hardcore electro fans with his guitar play.

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